Even Fat Girls Can Do Yoga!

Even fat girls love yoga

If you’re not into running 5K, or not able to do hi-impact exercise then why not try yoga to build strength, flexibility and aid relaxation.  Before training to teach Iyengar yoga, Elaine Liffchak was a graphic designer.  Increasingly fed up with looking all day at a computer screen and being unable to interact with people, she decided to follow her dream of teaching yoga full time.

Along the road, she discovered a talent for healing.  Nigel Gee ( http://www.returninghome.co.uk ) is a healer with whom Elaine studied for six years.  Yoga students often remarked on how her healing powers were contributing to their recovery and sense of well-being during classes.

Elaine doesn’t consider that she is “end-gaming” but instead on an enjoyable and exciting journey where she constantly discovers new things and new people.  During my time studying yoga and recovering my flexibility with Elaine in Cricklewood, I progressed satisfactorily, under her careful supervision, never getting injured (which had always been a problem in other classes due to my hyper mobility) and learning all the time.  I’m only sorry that I live too far away now, to be able to take advantage of her expertise on a regular basis.

To regain energy, over 40, Elaine recommends taking up yoga and learn to do one thing at a time: “we are so good at multi-tasking” she warns, ” that we wear ourselves out.  Be in the moment.  Breathe more slowly (turtles breathe five times per minute, compared with our ten to sixteen breaths a minute and they can live up to 300 years!” Elaine counsels to enjoy Life, don’t procrastinate.  Tell loved ones how much you care and appreciate them.  Be grateful every day and count your blessings.”

If you live in the North London area, contact Elaine and grab one of her many classes with both hands!

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