I belong to the same socially engaged Buddhism organisation as Boy George, Lydia (the finalist on The Voice) and Howard Jones, Sandy Shaw and Tina Turner to name a handful of our “celebrity members” .  Of course, most of our many millions of global fighters for peace are just “Ordinary Joes” like you and me.  We are all equal in this teaching.

Our general director, Robert Harrap, has been featured on Radio 2’s Thought for the Day several time last year and managed to fit a few new “thoughts” into this year as well.  Although the philosophy I follow is Mahayana Buddhism, the movement was initiated in post-war Japan, as a deep rooted desire and determination for Peace.  This has been a some might say, slow process as profound change in the hearts of men and women, can only really be achieved through heart to heart dialogue, built on friendship and trust.  Hopefully, by engaging people in a one to one basis and letting them make their own minds up, without pressure or judgment, long term, far-reaching shifts against violence can be achieved.

Each year, our teacher and interpreter of the 12th century monk, Nichiren Daishonin’s letters to his followers are transformed into a cry for Peace, sent in document form, to the United Nations.  There’s a rare opportunity to hear Robert Harrap speak in person, on this year’s peace proposal, at an open, secular meeting on 28th April 2016, in Taplow Court, near Maidenhead, Berkshire.

2016 PP eflyer If anyone is interested in hearing what this is all about, then please add a comment here or contact me via my Facebook page Dog Days and the Buddha.  Add a comment to this post as well.

Boy George’s Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is available to everyone.

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