Newport beach,
Dave and Dinah in Pembrokeshire

I first met Dave England on the Stage Management and Technical Theatre Course run by the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) in 1986.  We studied Stage Management with 20 or so fellow students, graduating as ‘Class of ‘1988’  before we all went our separate ways.  Dave became Master Carpenter, notably at the Theatre Royal Stratford East, before moving into corporate and live event production carpentry.  I became a touring stage manager with the result that we fell out of touch for 15 years.  I heard, through mutual friend that he had met and married a talented theatre designer called Dinah.  Occasional LAMDA reunions and the transient nature of theatre and the arts, meant that we would occasionally cross professional paths or keep in touch as a year group via the alumni grapevine.

In 2013, after my husband, Bruce and I had moved out of London to a village near High Wycombe, I bred a litter of Sprocker puppies.  Our dog Amber, gave birth to a large litter of twelve puppies.  As you can see, she was a devoted Mum.  I found new homes for nine quite quickly, but seven weeks after the birth, I still had three female puppies to home.

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Amber with her first brood of twelve puppies

I put out a general enquiry for prospective owners on Facebook and to my surprise, Dave and Dinah contacted me as prospective owners.  They visited, fell in love with two of the female pups and we became Friends Reunited.

Joule, Sprocker pups,
Three sprocker pups seek active home

Dave and Dinah had bravely created the opportunity to own a dog as they had just made the bold move, out of London back to Dinah’s family roots in Pembrokeshire.

Dave and Dinah gave a fabulous home to Joule, whose action photos appear on another blog, highlighting Dave’s skill with his Nikon D7000 DSLR camera.  Dog Days and the Buddha is also very grateful for the donation of Dave’s photo of Joule at sunset on Newport beach, Pembrokeshire featuring as the website banner.

Joule and ball Air ball Joule

Dave's photos of Joule on a mission!
Dave’s photos of Joule on a mission!

Dave now has a burgeoning computer aided design CAD business.  They live amongst immense and beautiful scenery and now Bruce and I try to Go West whenever we have the chance, to a part of the country we might not have visited had it not been for Dave and Dinah asking us about a puppy.

Click here to find Dave’s webpage if you need production management or CAD design. To see Dinah’s latest designs for CBeebies’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream and click through to her website for her many designs for Liverpool Everyman.

I love the function of Facebook which brings old mates together and transforms friends you thought were just for a season, into lifelong friendships instead.  The next blog is all about Dinah and Dave’s move out of London to the edges of  the stunning Pembrokeshire National park.  They made a creative leap of faith which has truly paid off.

Friends for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime
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